October 17, 2022
Tottenham talking point: Big money signings rarely work for us

Matt Burns, The Hotspur Boy, external

North London’s net spend kings actually spend, but my concerns have always been about spending on the right players at the right time.

Take a look at the big ENIC signings and historical successes are hard to spot.

If one had to look for a recurring theme, it could be nice guys who didn’t work out: Roberto Soldado, Erik Lamela, Giovani Lo Celso, Sergio Reguilon, Moussa Sissoko and Davinson Sanchez.

Richarlison arrives from Everton after four Premier League seasons where he failed to live up to expectations.

No two ways about it, the 25-year-old hasn’t performed well enough in England. Moreover, the Brazilian has never been a prolific striker, no matter how some might seek to gently spin the stats.

Perhaps an upgrade to his teammates and coach will provide the catalyst.

At £60million, they will definitely need it.

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