October 12, 2022
Todd Boehly will ‘personally oversee’ Chelsea transfer

Todd Boehly is probably quite a busy man, but for the next few months at least he plans to spend the majority of his time in London, being “very active” and leading from the front at Chelsea and “personally” overseeing this summer. transfer player (who is reportedly budgeted at around £200m).

Chelsea are a little behind the rest of football in the transfer market thanks to the restrictions still in place on the club, and even once these are lifted we will need to work quickly (but also smartly!) to catch up. The Boehly Consortium is doing whatever it takes to support the team and Thomas Tuchel with immediate expenses, and having the key stakeholder(s) here should help enable and build a strong working relationship.

As for the setup beyond this summer, it looks like Boehly wants to restructure things a bit, both in terms of personnel and approach. “A new recruiting strategy” based on an “analysis-driven model” (as is increasingly the norm in the world’s top sports teams) should be the way forward, which may or may not involve Marina Granovskaia beyond the simple “immediate term”. According to the Evening Standard, Boehly “may seek to install” a structure similar to the operation of the LA Dodgers. It’s unclear what role he himself might play in longer-term day-to-day operations, but for now he’s there to oversee his new baby from day one.

And that day should come…any day now.

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