October 12, 2022
The Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham news and links for Friday 22 April

Hello and happy Friday hoddlers, and a happy Friday indeed to your head hoddler who always relishes the resurrected trash can! It’s back! and it’s full!

Time in its infinitesimal and merciful power has propelled us into a new Friday and, against all odds, we have once again reached the end of the working week.

We all deserve a treat for getting through this week. And I think that treat should be Wet Leg via one of my favorite bands of all time: Talking Heads.

There was a time in my life when I openly admitted that I didn’t like music. I took drum lessons when I was young, but it never stuck. I would buy CDs from Gorillaz, Avril Lavigne, Black Sabbath and Green Day (fitzie has always been eclectic) but I never felt music, you know? Then, as a teenager, a Talking Heads song changed everything for me.

This song was psycho killer. And it wasn’t just the song. It was that bass. Tina Weymouth – my queen (and fellow nutmeg). One of my favorite basslines in history, and the first one I learned, is a very simple AEG pattern. The lower the better, or so I say (and a big shout out to guitarist Jerry Harrison and drummer Chris Frantz). Weymouth carries the whole song.

I fell in love with music while listening to this song. No artist would ever come close to matching its sinister, chaotic brilliance by covering it up.

Then, in 2021-22, Wet Leg burst onto the scene with their idiosyncrasy lounge chair and one of the most eye-catching hooks of all time. They have already been featured in a Track of the Day. I had a hoddle booked to review their self-titled album (which is so much fun and I’ll probably do it soon) but then I found out they were covering psycho killer.

For those who have listened to Wet Leg, this cover is as weird as you’d expect it to be in the most awesome way.

Talking Heads vocalist and guitarist David Byrne is a weird guy himself. A little mad scientist, I would say. It makes sense that a singer as distinctive as Rhian Teasdale would sing lead on this cover.

The bass line is a bit distorted. There’s a bit of that alien synthesizer feel to it. Teasdale’s now signature nonchalant voice covers her.

And, for its nonchalance, the cover seems more energetic. Even more chaotic than perhaps Byrne could have imagined. Because where Bynre has embraced chaos in his vocals, movements and outro, he is preparing for it. Wet Leg blasts the whole thing from the start.

I think Byrne would like that. I certainly do. I love this group.

But it’s too short. The cover lasts only three minutes. I think psycho killer culminates in the outro with dueling guitars, fast drums and frenetic fingerpicking. It builds to a wonderfully chaotic conclusion.

Who knows, maybe this cover will be played at concerts where Wet Leg will have a little more freedom. Let’s explore it further. Embrace the madness. This version deserves it.

It’s a worthy cover of an iconic song.

Fitzie’s track of the day: Psycho Killer by Wet Leg

And now for your links

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