October 11, 2022
Spurs have the one we want

Whether for clicks or to stir up controversy, outlets continue to report that Tottenham are chasing their next manager; HotspurHQ believe Spurs have him right now.

For some bizarre reason, outlets continue to report that Tottenham are in the hunt for a new manager. If so, the club is well and truly gone. We all remember last summer and the fiasco – to put it mildly – ​​of Tottenham’s coaching search. Now, having boxed the first hire, the idea that the club are still looking for anyone other than the manager they have is ridiculous.

Tottenham have the best possible coach right now, and anything the club does to disrupt that will be felt across the organization.

Spurs were lucky to have Conte

Following the dramatic dismissals of Tottenham’s last three managers, the fact that Spurs were able to sign Antonio Conte is quite remarkable. After dropping Mauricio Pochetino and immediately replacing him with Jose Mourinho, the same didn’t happen when Mourinho left.

The instability that accompanied Mourinho’s departure and the inability to find a qualified replacement speaks volumes about the club and the position. So did the summer search for a manager, which left Spurs without a manager in the summer transfer window.

Then after the Nuno Espirito Santo experiment seemed to fail before our eyes, signing a coach of Conte’s caliber was a real coup.

Conte brings stability and credibility to Tottenham

Beyond last summer’s coaching struggle, there was also a small transfer rumor involving Harry Kane. Some newspapers are already trying to move Kane again, this time more likely to Manchester United than City, but Conte provides Tottenham with a fundamental variable in Kane’s equation.

Unlike Mourinho, who tends to bring a circus with him, Conte brings respect and a plan to Spurs. This respect helps change the way people see the team, because Conte is a winner; well, Tottenham can be too. If Spurs are to keep Kane over the summer and even sign him for an extension, it will be because he believes in the team and the plan, which should be anchored in Conte.

Will Conte leave Tottenham at some point? Yes, his records show us he’ll likely go before Dane Scarlett becomes a star, but not before Oliver Skipp returns from injury. It never hurts to have feelers and to have an emergency list. However, fans and players are stunned by the current Spurs coaching situation, and the club should be too.

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