October 11, 2022
Sports betting firm Parimatch suspends Chelsea sponsorship, hopefully for good

Gambling and sports betting is a massive business, and unfortunately a massive presence in the Premier League, which is more than happy to take millions from these companies (see also: NFT) and, in turn, more than happy to let these agencies make even more money defrauding fans (or worse) and making betting an integral part of the game. (While also taking high morals on all betting infractions.) That’s practically a double standard, although I guess that shouldn’t surprise us anymore.

Unfortunately, the clubs themselves are also fully complicit, with a large number of teams in the top four divisions sponsored by betting companies large and small in various guises. Chelsea also have a betting partner, Parimatch, who signed a three-year deal last summer.

At least we used to. Parimatch today joined Three UK, Hyundai, and whoever Zapp are/were, in suspend their sponsorship.

Maybe I’m just speaking for myself, but I hope they put it on hold for good. And I hope that whoever the new owners are, we keep the betting companies out of Chelsea Football Club. Thank you in advance.

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