October 11, 2022
Neville branded ‘childish’ after his ‘cheap shot’ at struggling Manchester United star

Gary Neville has been branded ‘childish’ by former England international Danny Mills as he fired a ‘cheap shot’ at Man Utd player Marcus Rashford.

The Red Devils have struggled this season. They have left both domestic cup competitions and they sit sixth in the Premier League.

Last week they were knocked out of the Champions League by Atletico Madrid. The Spaniards won 2-1 on aggregate.

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Man Utd weren’t in action last weekend so some of their players took the opportunity to attend sporting events.

Rashford was among them as he was spotted in Dubai in the audience at a boxing event.

The Englishman’s form has dipped this season. Following United’s loss to Atletico Madrid, he was involved in an altercation with a supporter.

Neville claimed earlier this week that Rashford and his teammates were “deaf” as they should “lay a low profile”.

Mills denounced Neville for these comments. He thinks the actions of Rashford and co are “completely normal”:

“There’s a huge difference between going to a nightclub at a VIP table with bottles of champagne and sparklers where you feel like you’re partying than going out for a meal with family or friends or going to a sporting event,” Mills said. Football Insider.

“What are you supposed to do?” You need time to decompress, time to clear your head. Why shouldn’t you go out for a meal?

“Yeah, don’t go out to celebrate or go out to nightclubs because you don’t seem to care.

“If you just want to go out for a meal, why wouldn’t you? This is completely normal.

“I have two athletic sons and if they’re having a bad day I’m going to tell them ‘Go to your room, aren’t you coming to have dinner with us tonight?’

“It’s a bit childish. Does Gary Neville tell his kids after a bad day at school, “Go to your room, you’re not having dinner”?

“You say ‘Okay, it didn’t work out. Let’s do what we normally do and talk about it tomorrow’. That doesn’t mean you don’t care and it doesn’t affect you.

“It’s a cheap shot from Gary Neville. These players all went out and got hammered. It just wasn’t on social media and there weren’t many pictures taken.


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