October 11, 2022
Manchester City reject Chelsea’s €25m bid for Raheem Sterling

Chelsea are said to be ‘gaining confidence’™ over the signing of Raheem Sterling from Manchester City, but apparently that confidence hasn’t quite extended to the negotiating table yet, with City rejecting our opening offer of 25m euros (plus add-ons), depending on fabrice romano.

It’s probably not a surprising development given City were asking for £50-60million not too long ago for the 27-year-old, but it’s a solid enough starting point to settle a potential deal. royalty fee. Reports earlier this weekend claimed £35m could do it, so we’ve still got a few rounds to go until we hit that number. (Although other reports have also pointed out that no discussion has yet been opened, but that may be old news.)

Romano adds that Chelsea will indeed be ‘back soon with a new offer’ and City are obviously open to the deal, at the right price. You’d think Sterling wanting to leave before the final year of his contract wouldn’t give City too much clout in the end, but they can always invent a few new sponsorships if finances become an issue, so those normal considerations may not. not apply.

Anyway, Sterling at Chelsea doesn’t seem at all unlikely at the moment, so we’ve got that going for us, which is… okay, I guess?

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