October 11, 2022
Man Utd and Liverpool set for clear race for La Liga star as mega-rich Newcastle step down |  Soccer |  sport

“I will never lie and I think it’s a bad quality if you’re not ambitious. If a club came up that gave me a higher platform to play on sportingly, I should always consider it.

The former Bournemouth ace revealed he would love to return to England, adding: “I enjoyed my time in England 100 per cent. Looking back I never enjoyed it as much as I should have when I lived there. For me it’s just such a nice country to live in and I’m fluent in the language so that helps too. I do my best in Spanish too. I have family who still live in England,” Danjuma said in April.

“In Premier League terms, it’s indescribable. What I’ll never forget in the Premier League are the fans. If you walk into the stadium, you can’t replicate the feeling of a Premier League game anywhere else. in the world it is different.”

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