October 11, 2022
Liverpool news and transfer recap – Divock Origi proposed, Michael Edwards ogled, Alexander Isak offer

Gary Neville in Liverpool’s ‘beautiful’ admission

Gary Neville has given his verdict on the Premier League title race

Gary Neville called Liverpool’s win over Arsenal at the Emirates on Wednesday night a “classic performance to win the title” as the Reds moved within a point of Premier League top-flight Manchester City.

The match in north London was goalless at half-time, but two early goals from Diogo Jota and substitute Roberto Firmino saw Liverpool capitalize on City’s draw at Crystal Palace on Monday night.

Neville said: “A classic performance to win a title. We know Liverpool have a big fight against Man City, but if you’ve ever thought of a game that made you think ‘something is going on’. You’re going through the difficult period of the match, the crowd is there and the other team is in good shape.

“You get away with it, not comfortably, but you hold on. You get a reprimand from your manager and then you walk out and go ‘bop, bop.'”

Find out what Neville had to say about the Reds in full, HERE.


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