October 11, 2022
Liverpool manager Klopp: ‘This is the most exciting time of my career’


With Liverpool in contention for the Premier League and Champions League in the next seven days, manager Jurgen Klopp said it was the most exciting period of his career to date.

Liverpool are one point behind Manchester City in the standings heading into the final round and will face Real Madrid in the Champions League final in Paris on Saturday.

“Yeah, that’s the most exciting, without a doubt. Because seeing where we are and seeing how good the boys are, seeing the milestones we’ve reached, with two games to go, there’s none only got one now but with two games to go it’s unbelievable, I feel like five minutes ago it was seven games. That’s how it is. It’s just like, bang, now we’re going to two finals. Really two finals, we’ve been playing finals for ages but now really two finals. It’s huge. It’s absolutely huge. This is the most exciting time of my career.” said Klopp.

(With input from the AP)

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