October 11, 2022
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Will Youri Tielemans wear blue in Leicester’s season opener against Brentford on August 7?

Arsenal are the favorites for the Belgium international but no club has yet called on his services. Are the Gunners just playing the long game? James McNicholas and Rob Tanner dissected the Tielemans situation below…

“The string of Champions League contenders that Tielemans was hoping for has yet to come.

“A figure of £25million has been speculated but Arsenal may feel that the longer they can drag out the situation the more likely Leicester will accept less than that as they look to complete their own transfer plans ahead of the news. season. .

“Arsenal took a similar approach last summer with the Aaron Ramsdale and Martin Odegaard lawsuits – convinced they were the preferred destination for those players, they could afford to bide their time a bit.”

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