October 11, 2022
Guardiola warns concentration is crucial despite leading by five goals

Pep Guardiola says the draw against Sporting Lisbon is far from over.

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City v Sporting Lisbon: injury update

City enter the Champions League round of 16 second leg against the Portuguese with a 5-0 lead from the first draw in Lisbon.

But Guardiola insists on anything other than his players’ full concentration and the complexion of the game could change quickly.

“We will have problems if they are not (fully focused),” Pep said.

“It is our job and our duty. We need to. Once there, you can try to do well or do badly, it’s the same price, no discount.

“Do what you can. Try. I’m not asking to perform like we did against United for example in the second half.

“Football is not like that – but try – that’s all.”

The manager was also asked to comment on his side having spread more goals than any remaining side in the competition with 10 different goalscorers so far.

“We played with a number nine, but when teams press high, maybe you can find spaces,” he said.

“When a team defends so deep and doesn’t move, you don’t need a false nine, you need a striker but we don’t have it.

“We have Gabriel, but he likes to move around the sides more.


“From day one, we want everyone involved in the process to defend and attack and have permission to get into the box.

“Why did Kevin score last two games? Because he was there. Why score the first goal in Portugal when center hits the post, deflection, Kevin passes to Riyadh? He was there.

“To score goals, you have to be there. How we arrive like many players after a lot of passes, they do not lose stupid balls on the counters and with a lot of passes we arrive.

“We make good transitions, Bernardo can’t make 40-50 meter transitions, Leroy (Sane) could do it, Raheem Sterling can do it, Sam Edozie can do it, but the rest Riyadh can’t do it. .

“We have to go with the ball and when that happens we come with four or five players in the box and we can score otherwise we struggle a lot.”


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