October 11, 2022
Exciting Manchester City transfer breakdown revealed – €8m already paid, €12m remaining

Manchester City have the option of bringing youngster Julian Alvarez to the club in July if they pay €1.5million to do so.

This is according to journalist Germán Balcarcewho provided a breakdown of the deal to bring the Argentine to the Etihad.

Manchester City agreed a deal for highly rated Alvarez earlier this year, agreeing to pay £15.3m to sign him from River Plate, who they have loaned him to until the end of the season .

He is expected to stay in Argentina until the end of their league campaign, with Guardiola recently insisting the player would join him and not go anywhere else in the City Group network.

However, it looks like if he wants the 22-year-old to join his Manchester City side this summer, he’ll have to pay to do so.

Balcarce report that City have paid €21.4million for 100% of Alvarez’s rights, although this is being paid in five instalments.

The first of these installments has already been made and amounted to €4,115,000 while the second installment of €4,250,000 has also been paid.

The third and fourth installments are expected to be paid on July 31 this year and February 28 next year.

The final payment will cover what remains and is due July 31, 2023.

Alvarez is expected to stay with River Plate until December 31 this year, but if Manchester City want to end it sooner they can do so anytime in July, but they will have to pay €1.5m and send that amount within 30 days. to do.

If they don’t, Alvarez will stay with River Player until December 31 before joining his new club in the January transfer window.

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