October 11, 2022
Dan’s EPL predictions – can Arsenal or Spurs handle the pressure better?

I wrote this earlier in the week, “if we win our next two games we will finish in the top 4”.

That’s because Spurs one week on Saturday have to travel to Anfield.

Maximum points at West Ham and at home to Leeds would mean all the pressure would be on Tottenham to win the NLD.

Of course, we’re not good enough to take anything for granted.

The hope is that our young team learned their lessons by not showing up at Palace, Saints and when Brighton came to the Emirates.

It would be criminal to review this lack of motivation.

Newcastle 1-2 Liverpool

This stage of the title race where it matters who starts first.

If Liverpool lose points in the race, it’s this Saturday noon.

It’s a tougher game than it would have been earlier in the campaign.

Eddie Howe has a good feel factor at Saint James Park, hostile ground when the Geordies support their side.

While some in the middle of the table might be on vacation, you feel the Toon will enjoy this game where they can play without pressure and with complete freedom.

They will scare Klopp’s men and it might even come down to a late winner.

Villa 1-0 Norwich

An unfortunate return to Villa Park for Dean Smith but he should deffo stay at Norwich in the Championship.

The Canaries will play well but Villa with this little extra quality should win.

Spurs 2-0 Leicester

Unfortunately, the argument I will present for why we will be victorious this weekend I must also apply to Spurs.

Like our opponents, Leicester are in the semi-finals of European competition, a chance to lift a trophy, and so the Foxes could rest a key talent for the Italian flight.

Like us though, Spurs are capable of not showing up and the pressure could get to them.

Saints 1-0 Palace

One of the rare matches of this weekend without real stake.

Has a late season feel to it.

Watford 0-2 Burnley

Huge game.

Burnley know that if they can beat the 19th-placed team, they send Everton to face Chelsea 5 points behind.

Suddenly the idea of ​​the Toffees being relegated is real.

Burnley don’t win away often, but it’s like a cup final for them.

Wolves 1-0 Brighton

Two teams not scoring enough

Bet on under 2.5 goals

Leeds 0-1 Manchester City

If my lunchtime prediction is correct, the Champions head to a hostile Elland Road 2nd in the table in a must-win situation.

The title could be decided on a team having a day when the ball just won’t go in the goal for them.

Man, City are more likely to draw a white because they play in a way where they try to score the perfect goal and don’t have a plan B.

They score early, they are doing well.

I have a feeling this could be a nervous evening.

Everton 1-1 Chelsea

I alluded to the fact that Everton could throw 5 points from safety with Chelsea obviously not an ideal opponent.

Like when they played against United a few weeks ago, I expect Toffee fans to realize that their club is in such danger that the players need that 12th man and will make Goodison as scary as possible for Chelsea.

Just if Burnley wins, is that too much pressure?

Everton are going to play well but have their hearts broken by a Chelsea equalizer.

West Ham 1-2 Arsenal

If there was a good time to go to the stadium in London, this would be it.

The Hammers are in the middle of a semi-final where they have a unique chance to lift European silverware and qualify for the Champions League.

If David Moyes rested the players for the first leg at Bridge, it’s understandable that he would also make the second leg a priority in the League.

So if our attitude is correct, we should win.

Manchester United 2-2 Brentford

We are witnessing with United a real struggle to motivate each other for the break-in and almost an acceptance about it.

Before kick-off on Thursday, they were 66-1 to break into the top four.

This is Manchester United we are talking about!

Another sign of their downfall is that it’s no longer a shock if Brentford get a result at Old Trafford.


Top 32 qualify for World Cup

keV 82-220

Rob 49-213
Gotanidea 212
Terrah 205
Turbo 202
Kenya 001- 202

Ackshay 201
Matthew 198
Pointash 197
Prince 196

Declan 193
HH 194
J Gunner 194
Goonersie 193
Samson A 192
Dan KIT 188
i 187
Adiva 186
sue 185
Tony 184
Okobino 183
Edu 182
Sidd 181
Me 181

Phenome 180

easy guys 177

Sue P 168
Yayo 166
Dunchirado 165
Tom 164

Stephanie 163
administrator 161
Khadi 158
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MTG 152
Rusty 150
Wisdom 149
loose cannon 148
Serotis 146
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Uzi Ozil 139
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