October 17, 2022
Cristiano Ronaldo explained why he holds the Premier League advantage over Man City newcomer Haaland |  Soccer |  sport

“In Harry Kane and Mo Salah we have the best strikers in the Premier League so whoever wins it will deserve it.”

Despite his long association with Manchester United, however, the France international defender cannot deny that he believes City will be title winners once again.

“I hope it’s not Manchester City, but they added Haaland to this team and the disappointment of not going ahead with the Champions League will always be there, so they will always be hungry for more,” did he declare.

“The League is quite special because it’s a long, long, long season, and I think they’ll be there. The second is Liverpool. Apart from them, it’s just if Chelsea can get in the running – or United or even Arsenal and Tottenham, because they finished strong.”

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