October 22, 2022
Conte reaffirms commitment to Tottenham for 2022-23 season

Antonio Conte has, once again and this time decisively, reaffirmed that he wants to remain as Tottenham Hotspur head coach next season. That’s the good news! In comments to the press published on Friday evening, Conte said he enjoyed his time at the club, understood the scope of the project when he took the job and wanted to lead Spurs to the top of the game. league.

But only if he is supported this summer by the Tottenham brass.

“Of course, at the moment there is only one truth – I am committed to this club for another year. The club wanted this kind of situation and I accepted it because it was good to be together. to know.

“After four months I think the club have understood the way I want to work and I understand the club. We still have three months until the end of the season to continue to improve our knowledge of each other. and then find the best solution for both.

“I can tell you that I love working for this club and I would like to fight for something important for this club. For sure it’s true that I would like that – to fight for the future, fight to be competitive, fight to win and not just finish fourth in the championship, because I repeat, that is not my ambition.

“My ambition is to be competitive and fight to win. I want this and I know my heart, my soul, my mind wants these things. I hope that me and the club will correspond in this situation.

This is not new information. That’s pretty much what we all expected of Conte when he was first linked with the Spurs job, as we’ve seen what happens when his ambition doesn’t match that of the club he works for. . Conte expects his employers to also do their part to ensure he has the tools and resources to succeed. He left Inter Milan just after leading them to their first scudetto in 11 years because the club was ready to sell its best talents for financial reasons. He left other jobs for similar, sometimes less important, reasons. Conte has an unwavering belief in his abilities and, to be completely honest, he’s earned it.

So while we’ve had similar sentiments from Conte in previous press conferences and other comments to the press, this one seems different because it seems so equivocal: I am here and I want to stay here, but here is what you have to do for me.

“I think it’s very important to develop a good vision, because if you have a good vision for football and you have a lot of hope, you can succeed. In January we showed that we are just starting to try Of course, to be competitive and get stronger and win the league and fight to stay in the top four, we need a big, big improvement.

“We started doing this with these players because we are working very well and in my opinion we are improving a lot, but for sure in the future you have to have other important steps and have ambition.

“And it takes ambition with facts and not just words to become stronger.”

So there it is. Cards on the table, all uncovered. There’s wiggle room here – Conte doesn’t provide a list of players he MUST have to succeed, but his comments here really highlight just how critical this summer is to Conte’s immediate tenure, and short. Tottenham’s middle- future range.

So, will President Daniel Levy do it? There are many very good reasons to think so. Most importantly, Levy clearly knows what naming Conte means and what it takes to make him happy. Despite a period of financial instability related to COVID, the club is still on a very solid financial footing. The stadium prints money. Spurs are starting to catch up with the oligarch-backed top of the Premier League table. It sure looks like next summer will be a good time to show some intention.

But of course the proof is in the pudding.

Conte went on to say he’s not sure where Spurs will end up this season, but he likes what he sees of the club and the way they work and take charge. It’s not vastly different from what he’s said in the past, but it perhaps conveys a note of acceptance that success at Tottenham may not come immediately, or necessarily in the way he imagined.

“I want to put pressure on myself and also the whole environment and also the players because I think the players deserve that kind of pressure because it has to be good pressure. They work hard and improve and it’s important to know for the players that we can start to be competitive and fight and then we will see what happens at the end of the season.

“Honestly right now I don’t know how we can finish the season. What I can tell you and I’m sure of it, we’re doing really important work, really important work every day and we’re creating a very good team with a good idea of ​​football and I can tell you that.

“I don’t know if it will be enough to reach the top four this season but we want to try to fight and for this season I have improved our level of ambition because now I ask my players to fight for this goal but before asking my players, I asked myself to do it because I think we have to have this type of ambition.

These quotes are good and are perhaps as comforting as any word we are going to get from Antonio Conte here in the short term. Once again he said he wanted to stay at Spurs, that he thought he could win things here and do something that hadn’t been done since Bill Nicholson in 1961. And once again , the club knows it has to do its part. to help him achieve this.

“It’s important for us to show on Saturday that our level will improve because don’t forget that a month and a half [ago]we lost three times against Chelsea and in each match, we did not show to stay at this level.

“I think over the past month we have improved a lot, despite some ups and downs. In the last period, I think we have improved a lot in many ways.

“Now we are ready. We are ready to fight, we are ready to play our cards and see what happens. It would be great for us to win a Champions League [place]if we reach the top four at the end of the season, because remember that this season for Tottenham has been very difficult in many ways.

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