October 14, 2022
Chelsea ‘set to join race’ for Richarlison alongside Tottenham and Arsenal

Last week Brazilian media claimed that Richarlison wants to leave Everton and join a better team where he can fight for trophies, like Chelsea, or at least a team where he doesn’t have to fight relegation, like Tottenham Hotspur.

Now we have the Daily Mail claiming Chelsea are ‘close to joining the race’ to sign the 25-year-old, which really doesn’t mean anything tangible but certainly meets the bare minimum for a transfer rumour. Tottenham were already in the race, racing against themselves of course, while Arsenal languish on the starting line and decide whether they want to be a serious football club or not.

Everton’s asking price is reportedly £50m, although that only gives you a seat at the negotiating table and a listening ear. Richarlison has two years left on his current deal so there’s no immediate need to move, but Everton could maximize the fee received in return to help them cement their Premier League status next season. Plus, we know Frank Lampard is still keen on a prospect or two at Chelsea, so maybe we can send him a loanee or two to help him back as well?

The Mail add that Tuchel is looking for a ‘more mobile’ attack (i.e. not Romelu Lukaku), which is where Richarlison (or Raheem Sterling) could come into play. The latter, however, seems a more realistic possibility at the moment.

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