October 14, 2022
Chelsea ‘probably’ to face Arsenal in Florida Cup pre-season game

With the emergence and reopening of the (Western) world after a two-year pandemic, we can probably expect normal service to resume in terms of pre-season tours and marketing exercises for football clubs. also. For example, Arsenal are set to confirm a trip to the United States this summer, after a similar trip was canceled last season.

The Gunners will take part in any Florida Cup, and one of their opponents will ‘probably’ be Chelsea, according to a couple reports today. Home side Orlando City and possibly Everton would complete the quarter of squads in this pre-season tournament.

If Chelsea ends up in on this thing, we’d probably add another date or two to make the trip worthwhile, especially since our new owners will likely be Americans as well. Personally, I’m also hoping for a game on the West Coast, although a trip to sunny Florida isn’t the worst thing either.

Chelsea’s final pre-season tour was in 2019, with a week spent in Japan followed by a training camp in Austria. Our last US tour was in 2016, which included matches in Los Angeles, Ann Arbor and Minneapolis (not including that fateful charity match against the New England Revolution in May 2019).

Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool at the Rose Bowl, 2016
David Pasztor

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