October 15, 2022
Chelsea open to ‘wage sharing’ as Lukaku seeks 2-year loan from Inter Milan

If Romelu Lukaku worked as hard on the football pitch as he seems to be working to engineer a return to Inter Milan after just twelve months, perhaps his return to Chelsea would have gone a bit better too.

It’s hard ? It can be hard.

But still… the man tries to move heaven and earth and upside down too, certainly as far as the rumor goes. And without official representation, it’s largely him, plus a lawyer.

The latest word from Fair Italia is that Lukaku has been preparing the ground for several months now and is pushing for a two-year loan. And while Chelsea aren’t too keen on taking the financial hit, we’re apparently open to a “salary sharing” deal, which can be on top of the 33% pay cut he’s willing to take, according to Gianluca Di Marzio. Di Marzio adds that as Chelsea agreed to pay last summer’s transfer fee in installments, we could also get creative with some of the necessary funding (loan fees, options).

This all seems very, very speculative indeed, but while all reports agree that it still seems unlikely, they also agree that Lukaku is doing his best. And often, where there is a will, there is a way…

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