October 11, 2022
Carragher expects Klopp to rest important Liverpool duo against Southampton

Jamie Carragher expects Jurgen Klopp to leave Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk out of his Liverpool starting XI for Tuesday night’s game at Southampton.

The Reds beat Chelsea on penalties in the FA Cup final Saturday afternoon.

This is their second trophy of the season and they are still in contention for the Quadruple.

Liverpool give the feel but Erling Haaland will make Man City less… meh.

Both Salah and Van Dijk were injured at Wembley before their team-mates won the cup via kicks.

Liverpool’s attention returns to the Premier League on Tuesday as they take on Saints. Klopp’s side will move within a point of Man City if they win.

Then on the final day, Liverpool and Man City are at home against Wolves and Aston Villa respectively.

Once the 2021/22 Premier League season is settled, Liverpool will prepare for the Champions League final. They travel to Paris to face Real Madrid on May 28.

Carragher doesn’t think Klopp will risk any of his players against Southampton:

“I don’t think Klopp will play against someone where there is a risk of injury, I would be surprised to see Salah, Van Dijk,” Carragher said on Sky Sports Monday Night Football.

“Liverpool have a better chance of winning the Champions League and if they play their best side in that final they have an 80 per cent chance of winning it, I believe.

“It won’t be a full squad tomorrow, that’s for sure.”

Somewhere else, Klopp believes Manchester City will beat Aston Villa on the final day of the season to retain the Premier League title.

“It’s a game [Liverpool vs Southampton] is 60 years old. When did Southampton last play? 10-12 days? They may lack pace but we lose that advantage if we make changes. They are completely fresh. Last game at home, what would you do?

“I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s game.

“I don’t know the last time City lost points two games in a row. Villa are due to play midweek. They’re not used to that. I don’t expect City to drop points there.

Asked if the conclusion of 2021/22 is similar to 18/19 when the title race was on the last day of the season, Klopp replied: “When they played at Brighton, is it not? And Brighton won 1-0? I could hear in the stadium, they probably scored.

“I knew then that it was too soon. If I had heard it in the 90th minute, I probably would have celebrated.

“The only thing I felt was pride. I knew in the moment that we would have another chance. It’s all about timing.


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