October 11, 2022
Can Bayern Munich’s Serge Gnabry be convinced to return to Arsenal?

Bayern Munich star Serge Gnabry is an extremely talented forward who has a knack for taking his game to new heights when needed.

Of course, consistency hasn’t always been easy to come by for Gnabry, but no one would dispute his skill level and productivity. The Germany international, of course, honed his technique on the Arsenal campus and while he was ultimately never fully appreciated or used properly in London, that doesn’t mean the two teams can’t recover. together… right?

According to at least one report, Arsenal FC would like to reconnect with Gnabry… but would the striker reciprocate? Let’s take a look at what Abendzeitung has gathered:

Contract negotiations between FC Bayern and Serge Gnabry are stalling. Is the striker’s ex-club hitting now? As ‘Football London’ reports, Arsenal FC are also likely to be dealing with the 26-year-old winger from Munich.

The German international joined the London youth team in 2011 before returning to Germany in 2016. Apart from Arsenal, top Spanish clubs Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are said to be interested in the 26-year-old. Gnabry’s contract with Bayern, for which he has been active since 2018, expires in the summer of 2023.

Gnabry is also rumored to be on the radar of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea FC, among other clubs. It remains to be seen how serious these stories really are.

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