October 11, 2022
Boehly Group adds LA Dodgers principal owner Mark Walter to Chelsea bid

With the bidding deadline extended to April 14, apparently from April 11, the various shortlisted groups in the race for Chelsea Football Club ownership have a bit more time to make last-ditch moves. minute.

And while some — and by some, I mean the Ricketts — hurl baseless accusations of “dirty tricks” at them as if we need more reasons to dislike them, others take this opportunity to Add financial muscle and sporting credibility: Namely, Todd Boehly’s group is officially adding LA Dodgers principal owner Mark Walter to their consortium, as The Athletic first reported this morning.

Boehly and Walter are both part of Guggenheim Baseball Management, under whose ownership the Dodgers have become Major League Baseball’s preeminent powerhouse, making the playoffs a rather ridiculous nine straight seasons (the longest active streak by far and the third longest of all time) and winning it all a few years ago. They currently have four of the game’s biggest stars in the team.

“We focused on the team. We focused on the fans in the stadium. Then we focused on the community. What makes me most proud of my partners is that we clearly stated all of these things the day we took over. And they lived it.

“It’s easy to articulate this kind of plan. It’s extremely difficult to execute, especially on a sustained basis.

“We followed very basic premises. Hire the best people across the organization. And give them the resources to do the job.

-Stan Kasten, Dodgers team president, source: The Athletic

Walter, who is the “controlling partner” of the management group, made his billions with Guggenheim Partners, a private investment company. Walter and Boehly also worked together to acquire a minority stake in the LA Lakers recently, and are also part of the ownership of the LA Sparks, the 2016 WNBA champions. Walter’s involvement is therefore not necessarily a surprise, but c is nevertheless a welcome development.

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