October 13, 2022
Andy Murray’s cheeky action compared to Arsenal’s historic penalty attempt

Andy Murray caused a stir at Wimbledon this week with a cheeky underarm serve against James Duckworth, and his action has been compared to Arsenal’s missed penalty in 2005.

It’s the opening week of the first annual Grand Slam tournament in the UK, and the nation’s attention is on to see how Murray can carry on as he seeks to win the competition for the third time. .

While much of the discussion should focus on his victory, his actions in the third set when he tried to place one on his opponent with a cheeky underarm serve is what caused a stir.

Speaking about the incident on TalkSPORT, host Laura Woods and Darren Bent claimed they disagreed the service should be frowned upon, although they admitted they could be biased towards the British star. Woods then asked Bent if the football equivalent would be the panenka penalty kick.

“Either a Panenka penalty or do you remember when Arsenal took that ridiculous penalty they tried to pass? [Thierry] Henry and [Robert] Pires is quite unsportsmanlike, isn’t it.

Woods chimed in, “It didn’t work and it looks silly when it doesn’t.”

“[The underarm served] worked for [Murray] at least so that it doesn’t bother me at all. I think it depends on who does it.

“I think if it’s someone you love, you’re like, ‘Go for it’. But if it’s a team or an individual that’s against your compatriot, you’re going to be like, ‘No, I don’t. ‘don’t like it at all’.”

Although the panenka is frowned upon, you must agree that passing (or removing) the penalty spot should be the closest comparison to serving under the arms, or perhaps playing after a dropped ball while you were supposed to give the ball back to the opponent.


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