October 13, 2022
‘Absolutely incredible’ – Klopp explains why Liverpool’s season ended on a high – Liverpool FC

Liverpool’s last game of the season saw them beaten by Real Madrid in the Champions League final, but Jurgen Klopp insists their campaign actually ended on a high.

Speaking on the club’s arrival in Thailand for the first leg of their pre-season tour, Klopp spoke of the “incredible” parade the team returned home to the day after a night to forget in Paris.

The Reds have failed in both the Premier League and the Champions League, having entered the final week of the season with a chance of securing an unprecedented treble.

However, Klopp believes the parade, which saw an estimated 500,000 people show their support for the Reds on the streets of Liverpool, ensured a positive conclusion to the 2021/22 campaign.

Some players went so far as to say the parade “was one of the best days of their lives”, a claim also backed by the Liverpool manager.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND - Sunday May 29, 2022: Liverpool players in an open top bus parade around the city after the club won the Double Cup, FA Cup and Football League Cup.  (Photo by David Rawcliffe/Propaganda)

“It was absolutely amazing,” Klopp told reporters in Bangkok.

“Hendo said it afterwards and I think we all felt it, it was one of the best days of our lives, for different reasons.

“It was the vibe, of course, but it was also the show of respect for what we’ve all done together in the previous years, not only the previous year, but the previous years, because we didn’t had a chance to celebrate the championship properly and all that sort of thing.

Klopp also revealed his disbelief when told recently that Liverpool’s season had ended on a negative note.

“Just a few days ago people asked me, ‘How was it to end the season on a high?’ and I really must have thought, ‘We have low? What do you mean?'” he continued.

“And then I realised, ‘Oh, you mean the Champions League final?’ I understand, but our end of the season was the parade and it was an absolute high.

Now the Red Devils are determined to ensure they can enjoy such a memorable day once again and look set to challenge for multiple honors again in 2022/23.

“I didn’t need proof, to be honest, but if anyone did, it was definitely proof that this club is so extremely special and the people are so extremely in our situation, I don’t have the right words. It is absolutely exceptional.

“And now a real push to try to have that again and again and again for whatever reason it has to be a good reason obviously and we’ll try everything to have a good reason for a parade next year again .”

Liverpool’s preparations for the new season will begin with a pre-season friendly against Man United at the Rajamangala Stadium on Tuesday.


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